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A Family Run Business Showcasing Beauty from a Bird's Eye View


At a very young age, Nathan Knisley enjoyed Geography. He always loved how roads were interconnected. Nathan grew up in Western Pennsylvania and then attended Millersville University, majoring in Geospatial applications (map making). He received his degree in 2018. In the spring of 2017, his life changed. When studying abroad in Australia, he was introduced to drone aviation. The goal of the class was to use drones to study the local kangaroo habitat. It was that class that spurred his interest in drones. Upon graduating college, Nate got married, adopted a dog and two cats, moved to Camp Hill, and bought a drone. Thus, Knisley Drone Co. was born.

Nathan Knisley loves living in Central Pennsylvania. His favorite activities [outside of his drone] are golf hockey, going to the gym, being with his wife, and entertaining his animals, especially his crazy Border Collie Chip. He enjoys flying his drone and showcasing the beauty of Central Pennsylvania. Nathan has used his drone to take pictures of virtually everything including roofing pictures, homes, local farms, and much more. Nathan can't wait to talk with those in and around the Central Pennsylvania area and offering a view unseen at ground level.  

Alexa Strong is the wife and business partner of Nathan Knisley. Alexa also grew up in Western Pa, not far from Nathan, but they didn't meet until they both went to Millersville University. Alexa graduated in 2018, with a Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Public Relations and Marketing). 


Alexa took great interest in hearing about Nate's drone work. When she heard of his work in Australia, Alexa encouraged Nathan to buy a drone while offering to be his co-pilot in the business.


 Alexa can often be found assisting with drone shooting as needed, analyzing drone footage, billing, scheduling appointments, and anything else that needs done. Outside of the business, Alexa can often be found on the golf course, playing hockey, at the gym [usually in the early morning hours before work] or with her family.

Alexa cannot wait to discuss your drone needs. Her goal is to aid her husband so together they can serve their customer's needs and showcase the beauty of Central Pennsylvania from a bird's eye view.

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